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Baufeld 121 Hafencity
Hamburg | 2017
Sixteen floors could hardly be considered as striking for the Hafen City in Hamburg. However the new Prevention Centre of the professional association for health and welfare and administration located directly at the Southbank of Elbe doesn't need to be that high to draw attention. The construction with a stunning multistory glass base and a ripped upper part received recently an honorable mention in a competition.

Growing out of a dwelling mound storey the volume continues as a seven storey high trapezoidal block and develops without any joint or break to a chunky quadrangular tower of sixty metres over the former free port area. While showing outwards only hard edges, in its interior the base follows a polygonal ramp spiral which leads to the green court yard in the second and third floor. The severe appearance of the building is emphasized as well as elongated by the red ceramic cladding elements. Depending on the viewing position the shell seems to be more or less shuttered because of the varying width of the rips. The base is almost continuously glazed showing large-scale diagonal beam structure which reminds of bridge constructions and crane silhouettes in the surrounding.

The ground floor and the first floor provide spaces for public uses whereas the upper floors could be used by offices. A central ramp connects several practice rooms, the centre for individual prevention (ZIP) and the seminar spaces to a vertical entity. Hotel spaces are planned on the sixth floor. Located on the southern side of the building the gastronomic section is provided with a panoramic view over the Elbe promenade.

The interior design with its soft flowing forms contrasts with the tough urban appearance of the building. Several green spaces outside and inside the building and the roof landscape in the courtyard ensure as well the high quality of stay.

Sustainability is an important part in the new design, since the project aspires the “Goldzertifizierung Umweltzeichen Hafencity“.

Client: Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheit und Wohlfahrtspflege BGW; Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft VBG
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