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Fuhlbüttler Straße 541
Hamburg | 2008
"Housing for the Elderly" | 17 new residential units
In Hamburg at the Ohlsdorf Fuhlsbüttler Street emerged a new residential building. Overall construction is divided into 2 sections: The creation of the new building with a yard-sidet connect and integrate into the existing street-front house as well as performances at home in front of the total approved construction. The construction project includes the turnkey construction of a building with 17 cooperative apartments seniors, 13 apartments with 2 or 1 rooms, 4 apartments with 2 or 3 rooms in addition to outdoor areas. The new building has 2 storeys and basement 1 Season In the structure of the building object is a solid. The execution of the foundation, the floor and roofing, falls, KG external walls and stairs and landings are made of reinforced concrete. For all other walls is large KS-masonry had been used. The outer walls have an insulation core with Verblendstein receive.

Photos: © Markus Tollhopf

Client: ADSG
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