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Heinrich Sengelmann Haus
Hamburg | 2005
"New assistant living building"
The new building planned for the social welfare work foundation Alt-Hamburg for the Heinrich-Sengelmann-Haus in Hamburg- St. Georg is supposed to replace the home for senior citizens and the nursing home located at the Stiftstrasse/Alexanderstrasse. The existing old building complex shall be deconstructed in 2 sections at different times. Two of the oldest parts of the building remain on the Stiftstrasse and will be prepared for the interim work. After finishing the 1st phase of construction at the Alexanderstrasse the rest of the old building will be pulled down and the 2nd phase of construction will be completed. Three sides of the building complex adjoin neighboring buildings. The newly planned building has 95 nursing beds. The new building has got 5 storeys and in some parts 6 storeys. The access to the rear two storey high north-west wing is on the Stiftstrasse. There is an underground car park with 10 parking spaces in the basement. Nursing apartments, nursing sections, day and recreation rooms, a foyer, administration offices, a kitchen section (basement) with all the necessary auxiliary rooms, storage areas and installation sections are planned. There are various free areas planned, like a central inner courtyard, roofs with greenery and roof terraces in some parts of the 1st, 2nd and 5th floors as well as on the plot of land adjoining the property boundary.

Photos: © Gebler

Client: Diakoniestiftung Alt-Hamburg
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