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Falkendamm - Living on Klughafen
Lübeck | 2013
"City-meander" | 3rd prize in 2013 contest
Based on the central idea, the development structure meanders circularly with soothing homogenous proportions in terms of volume, material and scope, thus reacting autonomously and moderately to the environment that defines the city. The quality of urban development is given by the consequences of uniform triple-storied buildings developed in four "modules" and becomes tangible in both spatial perception and detail. The oscillating concave water front in particular stretching roughly one kilometre requires an architectural language that is both homogenous and subtle with regard to height, rhythm and material. Exciting open spaces in between the modules facilitate multiple (visual) references to landscape and city; they draw on the central idea of alternation between natural and built environment defined in the urban development guidelines.
The apartments are accessible via a residential street, whereby the linear development provides a stone back plane with acoustic qualities. Along the southern direction with increasing depth of the building structure, the entrances evolve into entrance courtyards with a high amenity value. The volumes are open and turn with their yards towards water and sun, loggias that are recessed into the façade, and roof terraces provide the buildings with additional structure. Developed and undeveloped spaces are thus connected and merged smoothly. Through their calm and gentle linear arrangement, the developments secure and fortify the perception of the world cultural heritage with its historic silhouette.

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