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Living on Buekweg, 5.BA
Hamburg | 2018
The central construction site of the ensemble (Rübenkamp quarter) falls into the 5th construction phase. On an area of around 6,000 square metres, a residential complex consisting of three three-storey building elements was built, which make a solid overall impression and are characterised by the balance of functionality, individual address formation and clarity in manageable units. They offer a total of sixty barrier-free 1.5- to 3-room apartments, partly with special consideration of the needs of senior citizens, partly for dementia patients, partly for families, as well as two underground car parks with a total of 39 parking spaces. The entire construction of the section is masonry with bracing elevator shafts. As in the previous sections, two L-shaped structures and a transom with flat roofs form an open courtyard. The buildings bear the reddish-coloured clinker facades typical for Hamburg as facing brickwork in a simple bond and with bands that mark the floor parapets continuously. The predominantly floor-deep windows and the curtain-type concrete balconies are lightly profiled. Insulated glass elements in various shades of green set wide accents in the facade areas of the stairwells.

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