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Residential Park Malerstraße
Dresden | 2018
“Ensemble with a view of the Elbe”
Situated on the premises of the former Weidner-Sanatorium, the area has an excellent location on the slopes of the Elbe directly next to the Königspark in the Dresden borough of Loschwitz. The property features a representative complex of listed buildings that is being renovated.
The existing buildings will be supplemented with four new multifamily dwellings and an underground garage.
The area will therefore present a unique atmosphere for upmarket and family living. The new buildings on the Malerstraße 31 property in Dresden-Loschwitz will offer 38 owner-occupied dwellings and an underground garage. In compliance with the SächsBO specifications (Saxon building regulations), twelve dwelling units in the new buildings will be designed for barrier free access. The buildings have three full storeys and a floor set back with roof terraces. Both buildings will be built over an underground garage with steps and lifts. There will be nine two-room dwellings, fourteen three-room dwellings, eight four-room dwellings, and three five-room dwellings. Of these, twelve dwelling units will be built as maisonettes. The ground floor dwellings will come with special use rights as private terraces, and all other dwellings will have balconies or roof terraces.

Photos: © npstv, Visus: © baywobau

Client: Baywobau Baubetreuung GmbH
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