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InterCity Hotel Hamburg
Hamburg | 2004
"Arriving and Departing" | new building of a hotel
While being located close to the old Hamburg Kunsthalle (Museum of Arts), the new InterCityHotel, with its straight and smooth building structure, plays a central role in the long-expected development of the location. By reconnecting the old block of the city through this new building (taking the old historical eaves line into consideration), the urban developmental figures of the 60's, which meanwhile are considered as mistakes, have been overwritten. Out of consideration for the heritage protected Kunsthalle on the other side of the street, the façade is made from natural stone with traditional elements. However the outstanding up-to-date window system clearly documents the time of the erection of the building. All the 155 rooms on the 8 stories have a generous height thanks to the innovative decentralized ventilation and air conditioning system. The section of conference rooms on the first floor, which can be used extremely flexibly, is directly connected with the restaurant on the ground floor via the two storey high entrance hall.

Fotos: © Dorfmüller Kröger, Hamburg

Client: Hamburger Feuerkasse
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