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Residenz Havelgarten II
Berlin Spandau | 2008
Havel Garden Residence - Assisted Living with 52 residential units on the castle wall
This complements the opposite assisted living nursing home. The total area is situated on the Havel River at the site of the castle wall, which was unearthed during archaeological excavations and documented. From the south side entrance leads to a covered path directly opposite restaurant on the 1st Construction phase. The surrounding outdoor space with old trees and riparian vegetation is on the grounds of the residence garden in the form Havel led in by loosely distributed vegetation. The dead-end street and Areas with good roads are accessible and navigable coverings Patch attached. Havel in the direction of this difference in height is between private and public land as a natural "Boundary" formed in the form of a landscaped embankment. Along the water will create a promenade, which the complete circumvention of the residence permits.

Phhotos: © Klemens Ortmeyer

Client: Bethanien-Diakonissen-Stiftung
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