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Albatros Park
Büyükcekmece | 2008
"Five Herons" | Residential towers, Hotel and retail
The location on the Marmara Sea with the large "half-moon-bay" and the softly rising hills beyond lend Büyükcekmece its special and unique character. The large promenade along the half-moon-bay presents a great potential and reminds one of the Cótes d'Azur. The solid urban surroundings with their homogenous structural height crave an urban answer in a special design - and "normal" high rises cannot be this answer. An artistic approach was found to make the site into a sculpture park. The shapes of the sculptures are based - unsurprisingly - on water birds. Even the adjacent street is called by a bird name (Albatross). So now there are five herons standing at the water's edge stretching their beaks in various directions. The development of the "Bird Sculptures" occurred over a private internal street. The buildings are at various heights on the terraced premises. The entrance is in the so-called socle (base) of the sculpture, accessible over a wooden boardwalk. Each building stands in a water basin that connects to the private pool by means of a waterfall. A special fitness and wellness area with natural lighting is envisioned for the terraced ground floor.

Visuals: © npstv

Client: LIP GmbH
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