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Rostock | 2016
Recognition in the urban design competition | in collaboration with
Wiggenhorn & van den Hovel, landscape BDLA, Hamburg

The urban concept refers to historical building structures of the block development. The arrayed as to a link chain, the urban space closing volume form by the road accompanying reduction a natural center, wearing a "floodplain" the new quarter. After outdoor street concomitantly and clear, the block structures inside on polygonal blanks with tense gaze and spatial relationships. The yard-like block of flats in this case acts as handed down, creating identity, with shared yard entrances and space-creating transitions from public to private sectors. At the same time, the compact building the way the largest possible public open spaces in the interior of the new area to create, with a neighborhood-forming own landscape character remain as green space to life for the surrounding neighborhoods. The area is divided into five phases of construction, of which form the first three, the core area of ​​the site. The individual sections are divided into different construction sites. Are formed six yards with mixed housing types. The accommodation of students receives a separate construction site and can be developed independently as needed as real part. Downstairs each retail and restaurant space can be provided in some areas.

Client: WIRO
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