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Living and Care in Jütländer Allee
Hamburg | 2018
"Further building" | 1st prize in the facade competition 02/2015
The central motif for this work is the creation of living quarters oriented towards the clarity and beauty of the Hanseatic traditions in the 20s and 30s, and to further develop these in a contemporary manner. This creates a peaceful brick ensemble with classical façade proportions and a horizontal character. A total of 175 residential units will be built in 4 houses. Varied facades result from variation in the bricks and the mortar used, their colour and vividness. In addition, brick balconies set playfully around the buildings will create significant displays, in particular in their spatial effects. A stroll through the ensemble will thus create new faces within a family. The facades initially indicate a classical structuring from base body top. All facades will receive a brick coating, which is typical for the region, in the red-brown spectrum. The ground floors will be of a grey-brown brick, providing a contrasting colour for the base. Ornamental brickwork has been suggested in order to (subtly) emphasize specific characteristics at the entrances. Detached cornices marking the windows and sill heights as well as to bring them together as a ‘family' will reinforce the horizontal aspect and structuring of the facades.
The brick facades will receive fine differences on account of varied shades of mortar, providing a further simple yet sublime crafted variation. The perforated facades will be combined to horizontal bands and the draft motif of horizontal structuring will be further reinforced.

Client: HBK - Hanseatische Bau Konzept
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