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SPQ – City Park District
Hamburg | 2015
“Living by Hamburg City Park”
Following a commission by SAGA GWG, we have planned 138 rental units with a total living area of 15,600 square metres in the development area on the former freight depot grounds to the east of Hamburg City Park.
All rental units were funded by the IFB Hamburg financing programme (“1. Förderweg”), and about one third of them are barrier free as defined under the German building code BauO. The rental units are in two residential buildings of four and five storeys respectively, each located on its own building site. These buildings, each with its own green inner courtyard for the use of all tenants, have been divided further into sections as described in the building plan. The courtyards have green and play areas for the use of all tenants as well as private tenant gardens. Under each of the buildings' inner courtyards are their underground garages, storerooms, and tenants' cellar rooms. Both buildings' outer facades present distinctive red clinker that harmonises well with the clinker facades of the surrounding buildings. Each of these buildings presents clinker in a different shade of red, simplifying an individual address system. In strong contrast to the outer facades, the courtyard facades present white plaster, the windows are surrounded on this side by dark grey mouldings, and also the ground floor is offset as a dark grey plinth from the upper storeys.

Photos: © Ralf Buscher, Axel Neubauer (npstv)

Client: SAGA GWG
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