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Gäste- und Veranstaltungszentrum
Büsum | 2019
The Watt'n Hus Buesum Guest and Event Centre (GVZ) is located between the Suedstrand street, which has been widened to form a square, and the promenade on the dyke with a direct view of the North Sea. As the centre of the public tourist infrastructure in Buesum and gateway to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site (the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park), the project has a radiant effect on the entire region. After 30 years of operation, the building no longer met today's functional, operational, tourism or design requirements and required a fundamental renewal.

The new GVZ stands out from the cityscape in accordance with its significance, yet its scale remains well integrated into the surrounding buildings. It consists of 3 full floors and a partial floor with technical equipment and ancillary rooms. As an integrated part of the dyke structure, the building fulfils an important task in coastal protection. The reinforced concrete skeleton construction could be preserved in all essential parts, completely in the sense of a sustainable and resource-saving conversion.

The architecture of the building is a reference to the Genius Loci of Buesum. A central "joint" was inserted into the existing building structure at the site on the dike. Through this joint the landscape "flows" through the building. As a glass foyer it becomes the central axis of access. The theme "flowing landscape" is always present, through the foyer over the different levels and leads directly to the foot and crown of the green dike.

The interiors were given new, contemporary surfaces in a high-quality and durable finish during the conversion. The new materials strengthen the local character of the "Centre by the Sea": wood, stone, glass, light, dune sand. A "media wall" guides the visitor along the main entrance to the various offers. Light ceilings and light coves as well as light boxes on selected walls set atmospheric accents.

The car park on the south beach in front of the central entrance becomes a communication and market place. Two newly created "dunes" with benches and tree planting serve as landmarks and invite visitors to linger.

In May 2019, Watt'n Hus in Buesum was awarded the "Seal of Quality for a special commitment to the participation of disabled and elderly people in society" by the Social Association of Germany (SoVD), regional association of Schleswig-Holstein.

Client: Gemeinde Büsum

ADAC-Tourismuspreis 2019 | Nomination
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