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Hotel Atoll Helgoland
Helgoland | 1999
"Colorful Bricks" | Building a New Hotel
This complex is defined as being the new "entrance" to the island. The new building is planned to become a hotel especially for people with allergies, surrounding the square in front of the city-hall with an arcade including shops and restaurants as well as the entrance to the hotel.
In agreement with the authorities for heritage protection, a new concept could be developed which is aligned with the prevailing style of architecture on the island, especially when looking at the design of the roofing and without denying the contemporary identity. The color palette of the prevailing natural colors on the island was employed to choose the colors used for the building, as it is typical for this island, and this was an important way to structure the building with its considerable massive construction dimensions. The entire volume is slices into various levels, pushed against each other, each treated individually and emphasized and, last but not least, given weight through the concept of varying colors. And this reflects again the extraordinary colorful buildings that are particular to the island.

Fotos: © npstv

Client: Arne Weber
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