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Humboldthafen - Baufeld H3 und H4
Berlin | 2016
Living and working on Humboldthafen | 1st Mention in 2013 competition

The stringent requirements of the block formation was optimized by the authors plan in favor of a better home and office use in the interior block by inserting a large "window" to the Humboldt Harbor: 1 Utilization from the perspective of relationship also block inside both the apartments and offices especially for the water | 2 better ventilation of trapped patios | 3 direct reference from the courtyard to the water and use this space (4 storeys airspace) as a framed space with residential quality: the terrace for all (in the courtyard) on the waterfront and expansion of children's play areas. This guiding principle is formative for the design. The loss of gross floor area is more than offset by the achieved quality for use. From the position in the center of Berlin with views of the sights (including government district), the guiding idea for the facade of the concept has evolved. Meandering arranged polygonal bay windows protrude evenly from the building line out to allow lateral views also from the east and west facades Humboldthafen (wave pattern). The uniform arrangement of the bay can be a moving but orderly facade arise that would deliberately not hidden, but emerges from the series. The apartments in the inevitable disadvantaged layers do not hide, as well as the homes get to the courtyard, through the "window" to the Humboldt harbor views.
Renderings: npstv

Client: ABG GmbH & Co. KG und LIP Ludger Inholte Projektentwicklung GmbH
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