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Billwerder Bucht
Hamburg | 2014
New buliding of a senior residential | 1st place in 2009 Competition
The construction of the new Home for the Aged at Billwerder Bucht is a two- to five-storey building between Hanseatenstieg and Aussschläger Elbdeich offering a view at the Billwerder Bucht. The gross floor space of approximately 8,400 sqm is divided into three building sections: A three-storey head building which houses on the ground floor the Administration, service rooms and the technical equipment.
Situated on the first upper floor are the kitchen and the dining room seating 120 persons offering a view at the Billwerder Bucht. The second upper floor provides an area for storage rooms which can be flexibly used. The two-storey connecting structure houses, inter alia, the main entrance with foyer, with a passage leading to the garden and to the terrace on the first upper floor, respectively. The five-storey long building block accommodates on the ground floor, with a direct access to the garden for persons suffering from dementia, the nursing ward with 30 rooms and with rooms for common use. On the four storeys situated above, a total number of 80 apartments for assisted living are located, with one room each for common use on each floor and with a view to the South on to the sea. Facing brickwork changing from red to yellow, adequately dimensioned windows with externally mounted sunshade sliding shutters and the generously sized balconies are characteristic design elements of the building's appearance. The garden is reached either via the foyer or directly from the nursing ward.
Visuals: © npstv

Client: Diakoniestiftung Alt-Hamburg
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