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Medical center at Stuttgarter Platz
Berlin-Charlottenburg | 2009
Conversion and extension of an office and retail building and two residential houses

Representing Berlin's first pedestrian zone from the late seventies, Wilmersdorfer Straße was for years announced as an ambitious restructuring development but has been implemented only timidly. The design of the area interface to Stuttgarter Platz, also ongoing, represents a newly arisen interest in the refurbishment of three existing buildings, and finally creates a reasonable start at the southern end of the street towards Wilmersdorfer Straße. The corner house, barely identifiable as such, undergoes a rigorous reconstruction. The façade design thereby particularly considers the environment: box-type windows and double-skin glazing towards Stuttgarter Platz and towards the railway viaduct create a quiet, ventilated office space. The square-orientated staircase is now clearly distinguished and creates an upturn into the third dimension, whereas the lineaments of the cluster-like façade refer to the outlines of the neighboring buildings. A narrow courtyard, afore used for parking is overbuilt with terraces and is connected to the retail spaces on the ground and upper floor of the neighboring buildings. By this a calm environment results for the benefit of the new adjacent apartments above, in parts even offering direct access to the landscaped courtyard area.

Photos: © Julia Jungfer, npstv

Client: BERLINHAUS Liegenschaften GmbH
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