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Komödie Dresden
Dresden | 1996
"Covered with Velvet" | Theatre with 660 places
Coming from the mall of the World Trade Center, you need only go through two doors to enter a unique interior world of its own kind. A small theatre was created in this part of the WTC complex with about 660 seats. The spacious area of the parquet foyer and the tier foyer (with space for 660 people) - completed by the lighting concept of Mr. Winfried Saty - brilliantly hides the fact that the building is actually extremely compact. The gross space needed per seat of 3m2 is almost a "wonder" of efficiency. The entire theatre hall is equipped with multi-functional seating which can be partly removed. It can be adjusted to the requirements for a conference or can be changed into a gastronomy area with space for 64 people seated at tables in the parquet section. Closely aligned with the design and the material used for the interior, special light ing engineering for the foyers and the auditoriums can change the ambiance at the push of a button.

Foto: © Michael Wortmann

Client: Büll & Dr. Liedtke
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