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Hamburg | 2008
"The Kaiser's New Clothes"
The guiding principle behind the revitalization of this property built around the middle of last century was the maximisation of space with the addition of two full floors to the building. Building users will be greeted by a two-story foyer, at the far end of which two glass elevators running up the outer façade will be available to take them to any of the seven floors while affording them a unique experience of their surroundings. A central interior staircase leads to the upper floors;
the lower floors can be reached via a separate set of stairs. The light façade of natural limestone contrasts with the glass-curtain construction of the nearby Hanseforum. Vertical organization is provided by wood-aluminium two-story-high box-type windows on the ground and middle planes, and by triaxial openings in the attic floors. The set-back indicating the entrance enhances the overall verticality. The three-band arrangement optimizes the efficient use of the utility rooms in the middle zone. The centre-to-centre grid spacing of 1,87m allows for all the typical office layouts, from cubicles to open plan. The central column can support between one and four tenants per floor.

Photos: © Daniel Sumesgutner

Client: Volkswohl Bund AG
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