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Hotel Elbflorenz Dresden
Dresden | 1996
"In Strong Lights" | New building of a 4 star hotel
The four stars hotel has got 210 rooms and 10 meeting and function rooms on about 1,000 sqm. It accommodates an Italian restaurant as well as a work-out area at the top of the hotel with a view over the city. An attractive inner courtyard with a breakfast terrace, a water basin and a square of trees is the heart of the hotel complex. Not only the name communicates a Mediterranean feeling: In a classical horizontal direction the rustic plinth, the piano nobile, the rising storeys and the mezzanine find their contemporary adaptation. The sun awnings look rather Mediterranean, from the exterior façade as well as from the interior, especially in strong light. They give each room the appearance of an individual seclusion. Rich colors of terracotta tones are aligned with the theme of design and create a certain sunny mood, even while being right in the middle of drab weather, which is quite common in northern Europe.

Photos: © M. Wortmann

Client: Elbflorenz GmbH
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