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Administration building for Deutsche Schiffszimmerer-Genossenschaft eG
Hamburg | 2023
In the course of the urban repair and successive redevelopment of Hamburg's Ruebenkamp quarter, the future business headquarters of the Allgemeine Deutsche Schiffszimmerer Genossenschaft eG is now being built in what is now the seventh construction phase, in a very presentable and, for the quarter, very exposed location on a plot of approx. 8,860 sqm.

The new office building will be surrounded by the existing residential buildings of construction phases 1 to 6 and the future phases 8 to 11. A new, closed, three- to four-storey building with an inner courtyard, large roof garden and underground car park will be created. The building will be used exclusively by the Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft of the client.

The centre of the building is formed by the almost square inner courtyard. This is intended to serve as a green oasis for the staff and a representative place for guests and visitors.
The entrance area to Ruebenkamp is characterised by a two-storey glass façade. The façade has a reddish-brown facing brick in a thin format in front of sand-lime brickwork with dark pointing, coal-fired, in a wild bond. The facing brick around the windows is set back and offset with a rolled layer in areas between the windows.

Client: Allgemeine Deutsche Schiffszimmerer-Genossenschaft eG, Hamburg
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