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Trotting Race Track Farmsen
Hamburg | 1998
"Pole Position" | New building of 200 apartments
We designed 200 apartments for the 2nd stage of construction which are, as far as height is concerned, staggered around one floor between the inner track and the outer track and this traces the outlines of the ground plan of the trotting race track therefore opening up a uniquely large and open space.
The tremendous sweep of the "arena" has been mirrored by the layer-like construction of the buildings, the balconies and/or loggias and the characteristic interchange of materials - brick and white plaster. The façade is brought into line with the whole construction and is lent rhythm by the framing bricks and the grouping arrangements. An emphasis has been put on the deep staggered arrangement while the space gives the viewer an impression of movement - automatically drawing his attention to the bends.

Client: Trabrennbahn Farmsen GmbH

Deutscher Städtebaupreis 1998 - Walter Hesselbach-Preis | Anerkennung
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