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Weilerswist Arkaden
Weilerswist | 2007
"Weilerswist-Arkaden" New shopping center
The township of Weilerswist (North Rhine-Westphalia) has agreed in a committee meeting to build a new shopping center with the Hamburg architects office "nps tchoban voss". A supermarket with a wide selection of a full range of products and a discount store will find their place through the Hamburg investor "Procom". Bruno Wojatschek from "Procom" also mentioned that two to three specialty stores will be added, as well. Proposed ideas are stores ranging from the textile and shoe industry to a drugstore. "The clear-cut separation of the shopping center from the neighboring residential area was especially convincing", as to Josef Forstner. The "Weilerswist-Arkaden" will be built on a ground of 15,000 sqm in total. It is located next to the new belt way L 163n and is owned by the township. The total area of the shopping center will subsequently be around 4,000 sqm. A big parking lot for about 210 cars is planned outside the building. The capital expenditure is said to be six to seven Million Euro.

Vizualisations: © nps tchoban voss

Client: PROCOM
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