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Living at Twistering
Hamburg-Harburg | 2016
New construction of 56 apartments with underground parking
The project is located south of the Elbe-river in the Hausbruch precinct of Hamburg-Harburg. This residential area is characterized by a mix of 3-storey buildings and semi-highrises from the 1960s and 1970s. The plot was initially occupied by a 2-storey condominium from the 1960s with 36 residential units. Both the building typology and the energy standard of the existing building no longer met the present needs. It was to be replaced by two 4-and 6-storey residential buildings and an underground garage. The new edifices are arranged perpendicularly in order to form a courtyard which opens to the Gerdauring green. The street façades of the buildings represent the strong back, clad with brick and showing only few window openings, while the courtside – apart from a masonry lining at the ground floor – is rendered in white color, with regular fenestration and semitransparent balconies. The eastern 6-storey block comprises a total of 33 2-room apartments for senior citizens, while the western 4-storeyblock offers 23 privately financed apartments of different sizes.

Client: Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Süderelbe eG
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