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Art'otel Rheinauhafen
Köln | 2010
Draft and 1st prize in the competition facade: Nalbach - Nalbach Architects
"Practical - sensual"
The newly opened 4 * art'otel cologne (218 rooms) is located in the 100 year old Rheinauhafen, a former harbor area near the city center, it is always an architecture for the site and with the place and therefore not transferable. This means a careful analysis of the context of the problems and advantages. Here Rheinauhafen it was necessary to find the very different sides of an answer - the traffic of the street and the quiet side of the water, the view of the Cologne Cathedral, the Chocolate Museum and the bookend of BRT. The street was a clear limitation, the colored windows are in the façade, the waterfront and to the ends of the building elements of the glass cubes come out of the wall and open up the view of the harbor and the sights - they pick up the call on the urban environment, open the guest to look at this and give the top a view free in the sky. The colored lenses contrast with the soft gray of the concrete facade and determine the color theme of the underlying hotel room. Amenities at the hotel include free Wi-Fi, secretarial services, in-house restaurants and meeting facilities as well as a permanent collection of works of Korean artist SEO. These works are displayed throughout the hotel and raise the gallery of hotel apartments in Cologne from clear. | Photo: © Arne Hofmann

Client: LIP GmbH
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