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House Windroeschenweg
Hamburg | 2007
"Living in Hamburg-Poppenbüttel"
This new apartment building comprising 6 residential units and an underground parking garage is located in the Poppenbüttel section of Hamburg, not far from the Ring 3 motorway.
The approx. 10,000 sqm lot has been cleared of existing structures and a new building of garden floor plus penthouse floor has been erected on 1100 sqm. The ground floor features 2 3-room apartments, each of which is accessible through its own individual entrance door at the front of the building, and 2 2-room apartments accessible from the entrance hall to the stairway. The upper floor comprises 2 3,5-room apartments with roof terraces, accessible from the upper landing. The property has a communal basement and 3 parking spaces, with access to an extra parking space on an adjacent lot. The facade is decked in colorful red and blue on the ground floor and laminate on superior hardwood ply on the upper floor.

Photos: © Daniel Sumesgutner

Client: ADSG
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