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Retail Park Centre „Mei‘ Center“
Altötting | 2014
Demolition of existing retail centre and construction of a modern, one-storey retail centre with ca. 6,500 m² building space and 5,800 m² of rental space.

1) The Edeka market placed on the south side of the property, which is the anchor of the centre and at the same time the goal orientation point of the mall due to its size and range of products.
2) Across from this is the main part of the mall, lightly protruding. The mall is surrounded on both sides with shops of various offerings which are projecting out from the Edeka. It expands into a central court - towards Edeka, a cafe, deposit bottle return and the common service rooms. 3) This ensemble is protruding out from a larger entrance structure on the entrance and display window side, which lends itself to being a backdrop for opening up into a lobby area. The "Mei Center" is accessible, without stairs, from a car park set in front of it to an inviting entrance portal.

Photos: © Ralf Buscher

Client: Newport Development GmbH
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