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IKEA Moorfleet
Hamburg | 2002
"IKEA" | New building of a furniture house
The second IKEA furniture house in Hamburg is conveniently situated at the Autobahn, exit HH Moorfleet. This building can be clearly recognized by every observer, because of the blue and yellow designed façade, in accordance with the corporate identity, and the huge and vast IKEA letters on the façade.
The internal structure of this IKEA house is equivalent to others, however, the entrance hall is uniquely designed because the façade speaks a clear formal language due to the horizontal and vertical structure.
Because of the design and form of the individual sections of the façade the function areas behind it can be easily recognized. Not only is the entrance hall an architectural eye-catcher but also the rotunda ramp construction with spiral ascending and descending driveways by which you can reach some of the parking spots on top of the IKEA house.

photos: © Christoph Gebler

Client: IKEA Verwaltungs GmbH Deutschland
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