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Überseequartier Hafencity
Hamburg | 2007
"The center of HafenCity" | Competition, 1st. price, 2005
The consortium of the netherlands ING Real Estate Group, Bouwfonds and the german development company Groß&Partner assert their ambitious concept for future cities in the HafenCity. The completet areal was designed by an international team of architects - incl. Rem Kohlhaas architects - OMA, Rotterdam; Erick van Egerraat - associated architects; BDP architects London, Netzwerk Architekten - Frankfurt, WES & Partner - Landscape architects, Hamburg and nps tchoban voss architects BDA, Hamburg. The size of the planning area is more than 8 hectare and located in the heart of Hamburg - the new Hamburg Hafen City Approx. 450 apartments and a new subway lane will be constructed from the beginning of 2007.
Planned are:
128.000 m2 offices
48.000 m2 retail
47.000 m2 apartments
28.000 m2 hotel
14.000 m2 science center
6.000 m2 gastronomy
3.000 m2 cruise terminal

The whole realisation is planned for 2011.
Picture: © C.Gebler

Client: ING, Bouwfonds, Groß&Partner
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