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School Heidhorst
Hamburg | 2000
"Addition + Subtraction" | New building of an elementary school
The elementary school Heidhorst is located in the center of the residential area Reinbeker Redder, east of the Heidhorst Street, which is already in the planning stage. The school complex consists of a long classroom building and a separate gym. The classroom building is parallel to a little street, which is for residents only, and forms a boundary at the northern end of the property. The gym is located parallel to Heidhorst. The classroom building consists of various separate buildings, differentiated by grades and school system, which are combined to a high-volume building by exposed beams connecting the walls of the separate buildings, of which the center is in the western-facing end building. The main entrance as well as the assembly hall are located between the end building and the classroom buildings. The backbone - an interior street - guarantees a varied and open development. The sheltered areas outside give each class a sense of a calm atmosphere. Large windows intensify this impression.

Photos: © Christoph Gebler

Client: Behörde für Schule, Jugend und Berufsbildung
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