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Königswall Dortmund
Dortmund | 2012
Growths for Dortmund´s Wall ring crown | Second in competition
Revitalization of Dortmund's Königswall continues. After the concise placement of the DFM Museum within sight of the lively station, the quarter obtains – with the structural composure of the Northern square connection at the junction – a new jewel for the crown of the Wall ring. With the office campanile, two modern fresh hotels for the Accor Group formulate an ensemble with precise incorporation into the municipal context. The uniform cubatures close the building block towards the station and – with the high-rising 18-storey office tower – the station is given a significant landmark of urban development. In the formal interaction of the different high-rise tower blocks of the city's surroundings, the nearly 80 m high slender tower with 9-storey basic zone interprets a typology with geometrically clear form. The graceful net of ground Trosselfels natural stone is structured by the window elements protruding in relief form. Above the formally super-elevated arcade zone which covers all entrances to the hotels, to the restaurant and the offices, uniform windows are provided the different formats of which and the change in materials between limestone and ash-mica colored plaster differentiates the structure and the uses in a subtle manner. In the fields between noticeable differentiation for the identity of use and the incorporation in the heterogeneous municipal context, the new structure makes a connection – without formal attitudes, well proportioned, honest and uncommonly present. Visuals: © npstv

Client: Schrade und Partner Projektmanagement
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