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Pears Jewish Campus
Berlin | 2021
Adjacent to the site for the Chabad Lubavitch Family and Cultural Center in Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Pears Jewish Campus Berlin is a facility for children, young people and adults with a crà¨che, kindergarten and school. The sports and multipurpose hall on the 3rd floor of the new building will also be used for cultural events such as religious celebrations of the Jewish community, but also for further education purposes, for seminars and conferences.

Within the diverse, heterogeneous surrounding architecture, the new school building with its amorphous, concave and convex form presents itself as an independent, self-confident solitaire, free-standing in a green school garden with various open spaces for different uses. The building will be constructed in masonry and concrete.

Formally and stylistically, the design of the school building contains references to the neighbouring family and cultural centre: A colourful connection can be discovered between the bluish glazed, rear-ventilated clinker brick façade of the new school building and the blue-white-glazed entrance portal to the Jewish cultural centre and the synagogue in the front part of the property.

The curved, amorphous form was chosen in keeping with the interior of the Chabad-Lubavich Centre: There, the contemporary additions to the rectangular, neo-classical existing building were deliberately executed in the same organic formal language, rhythmicised by a horizontal banding, which also appears in the shape of the building and the façade of the new building. The vertical light columns within the horizontal bands of the school's facade are also a motif that can already be discovered in the interior panelling of the neighbouring synagogue.

The roof slab will be designed as a non-sloping inverted roof and will receive a two-layer sealing in accordance with the flat roof guideline. The roof surface will be extensively greened. The main entrance to the school is accessible from street level. From the entrance hall of the school, all floors are wheelchair accessible via at least one lift. The meeting place on the 3rd floor can also be reached by this elevator for disabled visitors. Necessary, barrier-free movement areas are planned throughout, optical and tactile contrasts are intended to provide a self-explanatory effect in the design of the interior. The handle heights of the door handles and all other operating elements (switches etc.) are also planned to be barrier-free.

The facility is intended for use by 450 children and young people, from children of nursery age up to grade 6, i.e. from about 1 to 18 years of age. The school rooms (classrooms, specialist classrooms, collection rooms, workshop rooms) will be used exclusively by the school, the group rooms exclusively by the day nursery.

Client: Chabad Lubawitsch Berlin e.V., Berlin
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