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Friedrichstraße 100
Berlin | 2011
"Exposed location" | New office building
This development on a centrally located lot in Berlin-Mitte in the immediate vicinity of the Friedrichstraße train station comprises an office building with retail space and a luxury hotel (plans by GFB, Berlin). A majestic passage will connect Friedrichstraße to Planckstraße and will enhance the value of the project commensurately to the outstanding location, its benefits rippling out to the surrounding properties as well. Three levels of retail are planned along Friedrichstraße. The upper floors are intended for office use. The building's flexible floor plans make it suitable for any type of contemporary office layout. The tenant structure could just as well be one single large lease-holder or several smaller entities of different sizes. The building fits harmoniously into the overall architectural tone of Friedrichstraße. With a well-proportioned combination of set-back top levels and a super-elevated straight tower block above the corner, the building engages the nearby landmark Admiralspalast in a respectful relationship and stands its own ground with similar self-consciousness with respect to the particular gate situation vis-à¡-vis the rail viaduct. The vertical articulation reflects the usage of the building, while the allure of the Friedrichstraße side and the passage are further enhanced by grand display windows along the ground floor. The attractiveness of this office and retail complex stems from a unique combination of exceptional location, exclusive address, and first-class architecture
Photo: © René Hoch, npstv | Luftbild: Dirk Laubner

Client: LIP GmbH
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