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Assembly hall JMS Hamburg
Hamburg | 2011
Assembly hall of the youth music school - aiv "Building of the year 2011"
Design: Enric Miralles | EMBT
The new building is a three-storey, partially cellared extension for the youth music school on Mittelweg No. 42. The gross storey area is approximately 1,800 sqm. The building is formally divided into a 1-2 storey foyer with a glass facade, overarched by a multi-folded steel roof construction as well as a three-storey construction, in which the 2-storey clinker brick-clad and roughly round assembly hall is located over the ground floor. The hall is designed for events with up to 380 visitors and 170 artists. Acoustically, the room is intended to meet the requirements for symphonic performances. On the ground floor are, for example, the information desk, the cloakroom, WC facilities and a room for multifunctional use. Two staircases lead into the hall with a connected stage and backstage. The parquet floor is subdivided into a central area with flexible seating and an area surrounding it with fixed seating in a semicircular shape. Two staircases lead up to the circle, which also has fixed seating. The technical rooms are located in the basement. A centrally positioned goods elevator connects all the floors including the stage as well as the storeys of the neighbouring language school, which is to be partly used by the youth music school at a later stage.

Photos: © Markus Tollhopf, © Axel Neubauer (npstv)

Client: Behörde für Schule und Berufsbildung
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