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Basement garage ÜSQ
Hamburg | 2010
Parking and Boulevard staircase in HafenCity
Erection of a two-storey basement garage was planned below the whole overseas quarter. The total basement garage area amounts to 13,315 sqm. This results in a building ground area of approx. 26,630 sqm for both levels. The development units were highlighted in particular as major points of orientation: The planning covered accentuation by suspended ceilings, lighting and color as well as subject related representations and location related projects (e.g. coffee site, warehouse area, Asia, harbor, Hamburg, etc.). Light-colored surfaces with colored accents at the parking levels set a contrast to the expected different shades of grey of the vehicles: For example, individual color-painted wall surfaces and rows of columns, specific light situations and the color design of functional marks in the flooring material. The so-called "Boulevard staircase" is the central entrance and exit area for the public users of the garage. It adjoins directly the SPV 12, passes then from P-2 to P-1 and from there - via the open atrium of SP 12 - via a flight of stairs to the level of the boulevard.

Photos: © Cordelia Ewerth

Client: Überseequartier Beteiligungs GmbH

European Parking Award 2011 | Nominierung
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