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Der Türmer
Chemnitz | 2001
Competition 1st prize 1999
"In the Key Position" | Residential and business house
The building is an integrated detail of an overall draft version for a careful reorganization of the surrounding area of the city. The requirements of the neighbors drastically differ and this offers unusual premises as far as the design is concerned. One of the two orthogonal facades facing the market side completes the frontage development and the other one facing the neighbor along the market forms a narrow alley. The third façade with a sickle-like sweep and dynamic cantilever projections of each floor form a conclusive invitation to enter the Rosenhof from the rear of the building, the multi-storey building and the recently developed park. The relationship between the market square towards the Chemnitz is hereby strengthened and much more attractive. The fourth façade, being a geometrical product of two contrary staggered arrangements, forms an adequately formal counter pole to the high-rise building by its trapezoid-like form and creates a loaded space at a place where various historical contexts meet each other and have, up until now, not been surmounted. The combination of sales areas, restaurants, offices and apartments is ideal for the city center.

Fotos: © npstv

Client: TLG Sachsen
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