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Dahlemer Weg
Berlin | 2016
Construction of seven houses a high-end residential facility

The new urban quarter at the Dahlemer Weg in Berlin-Steglitz, developed on the basis of the master planning of the architects Hilmer Sattler Albrecht, will be a mix of diversely structures, residents and life styles. The different building types and the exterior installations with its playgrounds, calm places and internal streets with parking bays create an alive and attractive residential environment. Two elongated buildings with smaller 2-3 room apartments for rental are intended for active adults in its best age. These buildings are raised over approx. 70 cm to ground level in opposite the traffic for more privacy for the resident. The flexibly divisible dwellings receive generous balconies and terraces after southwest. The building „House 13" is divided in free-hold flats. Three stairways are planned, which are aligned after southeast. Three urban villas are divided in six unities for families and “Best Ager” with 3-5-room-flats. In the ground floor as well as 1st floor are three maisonettes with own garden connection, in the 2nd floor are accommodate two dwellings and a penthouse with one unity. To the garden lain likewise raised, under which a collecting underground garage is, with generous terraces of the lower dwellings. A seven storey building is planned for a mixture use. A passage opens the internal area to the Dahlemer Weg.

Renderings: © npstv

Client: Kondor Wessels, Hoch-Tief Projektentwicklung
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