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Schenefelder Holt, Hamburg
Hamburg | 2013
Renovation and new construction of 2 residential/commercial buildings
1st prize in the German facade Award 2012 in the category "Energy façade renovation" The tower blocks at Schenefelder Holt 2, 90 and 135 will be remodelled with aesthetic facades of high quality which also feature energy efficient insulation. The flats in Schenefelder Holt 2 and 90 will be modernized to be senior-friendly (low-barrier) gradually as individual flats are newly rented out.
A lively centre of the residential complex will be created at "Am Botterbarg" through the new construction of flats and commercial space. The underground car park will also be renovated during this time. The first measure to be taken in order to create the neighbourhood's central space for the Schenefelder Holt complex is the modernisation and revitalisation of the poorly marketed "Am Botterbarg" shopping centre. The size, arrangement and mix of private and public space on the forecourt as well as in the tower block Schenefelder Holt 135 is no longer modern and is less and less accepted by the populace. This acceptance is reflected in the fact that this area is poorly frequented. Maisonette units in the new south block will complement the offerings of office and commercial space. This building structure encourages use as living and work space for modern home-offices and very small offices, each with up to four employees.

Client: BVE Bauverein der Elbgemeinden EG

Deutscher Fassadenpreis 2012 - Brillux | 1. Preis 
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