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Enlargement of an office
Berlin | 2002
Conversion and extension of an architectural firm about two levels

Operational expansion and happenstances in the disposition of the rentable areas of the Hackeschen Höfe, our office location in Berlin Mitte, made it possible to extend the existing work space to an area of the same size, one floor below. The rooms are structured, as proved and tested, into a secretarial and meeting zone, drawing room and auxiliary rooms. However, sophisticated materials and lighting engineering were used. The meeting room is presented as a glazed cube, which double-walled industrial glazing guarantees sufficient sound insulation and gives a “water-color” impression of the interior activities. The lighting installations on the ceiling are completely homogeneous and give an anti-glare illumination, which give a signalling effect to the courts. The interior staircase, connecting the two floors, consists of two folded steel panels, which have been cambered to resemble wings, without any further stanchions or trussed beams. The composed spacious two-dimensionality as well as the few selected materials and colours, create an open background for the daily business.

Photos: © Claus Graubner

Client: nps tchoban voss

da! Jahresausstellung 2003 - AK Berlin | Auswahl
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