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City Bypass
Hamburg | 2000
"Trail Blazing" | Hamburg Airport
Because the new ring-road is tangent to the airport terminal as well as the Runway 2 of the Fuhlsbüttel airport, the image of a wing became very important for the design. Another goal of the draft version was to create a dynamic appearance for the entire length of the roadway. Red brick stone was used, which is a very characteristic material for constructions in Hamburg, for bridge abutments, retaining walls, noise barriers, load bearing walls and tunnel portals.
In contrast to this, metal elements from the area of airplane construction engineering were used for noise barriers, balustrades, privacy fences, sign gantries, sound baffles and lamp posts. All of the individual construction parts were designed to integrate with each other and thereby have a uniformly characteristic style. The profile of the bridge girders at its side facings is reduced to a minimum and gives an impression of aero dynamical surfaces which causes an unusually light area under the bridge. The entire facility is integrated into the environment by natural and man-made slopes, shrubberies and planted trees.

Fotos: © Michael Wortmann

Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
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