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Living in Grumbrecht Street
Hamburg | 2015
"Senior Living"
A residential development for seniors created from four point-symmetric buildings will be embedded in a slope typical of Hamburg-Harburg. The structures, which are developed around a social, geometric midpoint like a windmill, seek an ur-ban planning dialogue with their heterogeneous neighbours in respect to their proportions and struc-tural levels. Thus the various urban development structures, namely the south-eastern perimeter block development, the row housing in the northeast, and the tall tower buildings in the west, come together on the property in their various proportions and structural levels. The slope can always be experienced, due to the permeable development of the individual structures. The construction masses distributed over 4 buildings are brought back together and functionally ar-ranged by means of a semi-basement. The positioning of the buildings gives rise to four outdoor courtyard spaces with differing usages. The materials likewise seek an artistic dialogue with the neighbours on the basis of a sand coloured foundation block of natural stone with white rendering. The perforated facades are developed with openings of room height and have generous recessed balconies, thus displaying balanced proportions with homelike character.

Visuals; © Axel Neubauer, npstv

Client: SAGA / GWG
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