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Riviera Vitalresidenz
Berlin | 2021
The new building project Vitalresidenz Riviera is located in an idyllic location at the historic Olympic regatta course in Berlin-Gruenau, framed by a well-kept garden area with a riverside path. While preserving the historic Riviera Ballroom and partially preserving the former Gruenau Gesellschaftshaus (Society house), both dating from the late 19th century, a modern senior citizens' complex with 208 barrier-free serviced apartments was built on the property on the Dahme River and a street-side lot on Regattastrasse. Two new buildings were planned by TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten on the water side, and two more on the land side of the property. With their architecture, the four houses with differentiated facades deliberately continue the design and typological heterogeneity of the neighborhood. van geisten.marfels architekten from Potsdam are responsible for the extensive refurbishment of the listed existing buildings.

In addition to the senior-friendly apartments, a wide range of services was created for the residents, such as a spacious reception with concierge, gastronomy, rooms for fitness and wellness including a swimming pool as well as common rooms in the U-shaped building at the Riviera Hall. An outpatient assisted living community and a day care center complete the range of services in the neighborhood.

The large new building on the waterfront has three full stories and a stacked floor, while on Regattastrasse it has four full stories and a stacked floor. Adjacent to the Riviera Hall is the U-shaped building that forms a courtyard facing the street. Directly next to the hall, the main entrance and reception were planned in the new building as a central contact point for the entire residential complex. Access to the residential area is through the courtyard. The motif of structuring the Riviera Hall by means of window axes and pier templates in regular axes is continued and at the same time reinterpreted with the adjoining new building: In regularly alternating axes of projections and recesses with small loggias.

To the south of the historic, renovated and repurposed Gesellschaftshaus, another new building was erected, which takes up the storeys and some design elements of the U-shaped neighboring building. Here, however, the cornices are more flat. This area is used exclusively for residential purposes.

The opposite lot has been developed with two other residential buildings. Both are arranged one behind the other on the narrow lot, with the narrow side facing the street. The front and rear buildings have similar dimensions. They each have four full stories and a stacked floor. Both buildings were underbuilt by a common underground garage. All three independent buildings are accessed via Regattastraße and are designed to be barrier-free in accordance with DIN 18040. The urban development concept envisagedgreat openness and public accessibility from Regattastrasse towards the water. On both sides of the Gesellschaftshaus, visual axes with passageways to the banks of the Dahme River were provided. Along the waterfront, a publicly usable pathway was created that connects the two green spaces.

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