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Residential and commercial building Cannstatter Straße
Fellbach | 2017
"Townhouses" | 1st prize in the competition
The concept of the new buildings (3 storeys) based on the result of an architectural competition. Is provided (from the view Cannstatter Straße) a building, which the neighbors keeps each side distance. In the building is "closed" by a solid base of EC and 1st floor, 1st floor above the three gables are in the view of forming, with gable roofs and ridges in east-west direction. In the rear part of the plot is another building with a gable roof in north-south direction provided with four townhouses (townhouse) on common ground-floor base. All buildings are grouped around a common courtyard. The new building thus refers to the building line,

Client: Mödinger – Wied CAN 60 GbR
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