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EDGE Südkreuz
Berlin | 2021
The urban quality of an important hub in the south of Berlin – the railway station Südkreuz – does not meet the requirements of a modern and comfortable city. A mixture of an industrial area and a nearby residential zone is determined by a motorway junction and railway lines. While being green, open and significant at the same time, the new ensemble will fit in well with the urban surrounding and give structure to this yet confusing area.

The two volumes build a flank towards the Hedwig-Dohm-Straße and create a clear public square towards the railway station. Clearly shaped and positioned this seven floor buildings make the orientation much easier. With its irregular quadratic floor plan and a generous atrium the bigger block forms a building line, which follows the smaller solitaire.

Absorbing and reflecting the metropolitan spirit of the future place both buildings speak the urban language through material, surface design and form. The façades consist of a regular grid made of fibre concrete with horizontal lines and coloured vertical panels. Pilasters of fibre concrete visually support the basement of the two buildings. Similar at first glance, the both structures will have their particular identity with different colours and textures. The inner supporting structure is a modular wood-concrete-composite construction ensuring an enormous reduction of weight. In the partly prefabricated constructions wood has been used as a renewable material.

The bigger building reflects the places’ characteristics having open and green zones inside a strict grid which is also given by the traffic and the industrial surrounding. The generously glazed atrium with its 7.4 metres high ceilings in the entrance area welcomes the visitors. In the middle of the atrium, under a transparent EFTE foil roof, which is lying on a wooden truss construction, the visitors and employees will find tree-like structures of different height. Filigree stairs lead up to the top of the trees and from here one can reach any particular office section in the floors 1 to 6. As green recreation and communication zones the trees bring a vivid element into the office building.

The solitaire also works with two glazed openings set irregularly into the façade structure. This world of offices, work and time management needs those calm green communication islands. Similar to the bigger building the ground floor comprises several retail commercial and gastronomic establishments. Both buildings have flexible modular floor plans on each floor, therefore a reuse of them could be most uncomplicated. With the envisaged wood-concrete-construction, a DGNB platinum certificate and a WELL Core Gold certificate are aspired. The entire project is currently being realised for the tenant Vattenfall.

Client: : EDGE Technologies, Berlin
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