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Quarter Münzstraße
Hamburg | 2016
"Coin milieu - Creative quarter where the pulse of the city beats" |
3rd prize in the competition
Central theme of the project is the creation of a lively and creative residential quarter, which uses the historical context to create an identifiable and memorable creative place just where the city's pulse beats. The name Münzviertel (coin quarter) is first of all an inspiration for associations, which however will lead to three-dimensional and shaping interpretations and therewith a unique space. There will be different types of privately financed student/apprentice living, subsidised retirement living, small, privately financed 1.5 - 2-room apartments, and subsidised housing for single parents and families. The project is oriented towards the heterogeneous setting of the immediate surroundings with regard to urban arrangement and number of stories. The block structure was closed considering the joining buildings, and the area around the corner between Schultzweg and Münzweg was slightly accentuated structurally. The generally closed construction is parcelled out and divided by indenting individual modules in accordance with the various uses.
This also provides recognition. The entrances of and passages to the courtyard and the cultural heart of the quarter are characterised by polygonally shaped cuts in the three surrounding streets. The result is an urban figure of dynamic spaces with appropriate measures, using materials that shape the appearance of the place and are built with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Client: HBK - Hanseatische Bau Konzept
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