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Residential and commercial building Cannstatter Straße
Fellbach | 2017
"Townhouses" | 1st prize in the competition
The concept of the new buildings (3 storeys) based on the result of an architectural competition. Is provided (from the view Cannstatter Straße) a building, which the neighbors keeps each side distance. In the building is "closed" by a solid base of EC and 1st floor, 1st floor above the three gables are in the view of forming, with gable roofs and ridges in east-west direction. In the rear part of the plot is another building with a gable roof in north-south direction provided with four townhouses (townhouse) on common ground-floor base. All buildings are grouped around a common courtyard. The new building thus refers to the building line, the scale and fragmented nature of the immediate neighborhood. For retailers, the existing fragmented nature and arrangement can be overcome in several buildings. It created space gains - spacious, well usable and flexible divisible areas with good access and large façade surface at the Cannstatter street. The upper floors to Cannstatter Straße are provided as a hybrid structure. The usage is optional (depending on market conditions, rental potential and capability approval) as a practice / office or apartment. A simple and clear structured approach to plan and structure leads to optimized construction costs. When choosing materials and structures emphasis on sustainability. Demolition and construction take place in two phases.
Visual: nps tchoban voss

Client: Mödinger – Wied CAN 60 GbR
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