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Emigration world
Hamburg | 2007
"Time-Travel" | Museum of emigrations
04.07.2007 Solemn opening "Port of dreams -Emigrant world Ballinstadt" in Hamburg. After getting off the longboat, visitors of the new museum of emigration at Ballinstadt are able to take a leisurely stroll through the new Ballinpark in Hamburg's Veddel district before reaching their final destination. Upon entering one of the many museum pavilions, they will find a list of names of 5 million emigrants, all of whom had embarked on a long journey to the United States of America around the turn of the century, and discover which eastern European country their ancestors originated from. Scenes like these can be everyday on the Veddel immediately. At the 4.Juli with a solemn program project - port Of Dreams - BallinStadt -, sketched of Hamburg architect's offices nps tchoban voss, was opened. Numerous prominent ones, like the mayor of the Satdt Hamburg, Ole von Beust, the Consul General of the USA, Duane Butcher, were present and enjoyed a nice open routine. Between the reconstructed pavilions of 1906 and the Müggenburg bonded port developed at the same time a green belt: the Ballinpark.

Photos: © D.Sumesgutner

Client: Kulturbehörde der FHH, ReGe Hamburg
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