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Lippe Bad Lünen
Lünen | 2011
"LÜNENBAD" | new building of an indoor pool
In the framework of the bathers' concept for Lünen a central new swimming hall at Konrad-Adenauer Street is to replace the two old swimming halls. The yearly number of visits to the new hall is anticipated to be 250,000. In addition to serving schools and clubs, the pools are to be made primarily accessible to families and older people.
In addition to the sports pool (25m x 12.5m with depth of 3.80m) there will be a variable pool (25m x 10m with depths 0.9m - 1.8m), a lerner basin for instruction with surface area 120m2 and depths 0.00 - 2.00m, a warm water basin with surface area 150m2 and depths 0.90 - 1.30m and a parent child area. The planning includes economical waste heat recovery and other energy savings systems for air, bathing water and sanitary technology as well as methods for reducing and minimising water usage.

Photos: © H.J. Landes, E. Reinsch

Client: Stadtwerke Lünen
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