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Accompanying development at Sterncenter
Potsdam | 1997
Residential development with high-rise building and two wings, as well as underground and open / semi-open parking platform for 322 vehicles

The design for development of the outskirts was likewise the product of a competition; it forms an urban counterpoint to the greatly expanded Sterncenter . Flanked by the two rows of apartment houses, the 24 storey high rise serves as a joint between the broadly laid out development of the centre and the three large adjoining housing estates. Analogously to the development of the outskirts, the high rise serves as a kind of structuring stratification. Core zone and mantle overlap; the resulting intermediate space formed by the intersection of the two is a succession of inner atria which each comprise four storeys and, together with the doorman system, provide unusually generous access to the residential storeys. An artistic concept with variously designed schools of fish deepens the spatial impression of this inner zone. The wings, conceived as a "tower lying on its side", are subject to sequencing similar to that of the high rise and are structured through powerful joints and contrasting materialisation into full scale units.

Sketches: © Sergei Tchboan; Photos: © Werner Huthmacher

Client: Haschtmann Baubetr.
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