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Fire station in Wemb
Weeze | 2021
A new fire station has been built for the regional fire brigade on Schafweg in the Wemb district of the municipality of Weeze in North Rhine-Westphalia. The building consists of two flat structures that overlap by almost five metres. The shared grey clinker-brick façade gives the new buildings the appearance of a coherent unit. The design was awarded first prize in the architectural competition and realised together with HuelsmannThiemeMinor. Architektenpartnerschaft mbB, Kleve (Service stages 6-8) as partner office.

The building's first volume is a hall for fire engines; this has a floor area of approximately 320 sqm and a height of 5.75 m. Abutting it at right angles is the main fire brigade building, which contains social areas with changing rooms and a training room. A workshop and additional storage rooms complete the spatial programme. The technical rooms are located on the second floor of the main building.

For the façade, standard-format aquaterra Salinagrau (grey) clinker bricks were chosen. The building's main openings - the fire-engine gates, the main entrance and training room, and the alarm entrance – are framed with red clinker and have a metallic red core.

The building's outdoor facilities divide into natural and functional recreational areas. The functional areas are all located in the direct vicinity of the building. They include a 23-space car park in the south-eastern part of the site. Its location ensures quick access to the fire station via Schafweg from the town centre. An adjoining lawn could in future be used to create another 12 parking spaces.

In addition to functionality, the architects focused on sustainability and efficient and economical operation of the building. Heat is provided by a combined heat and power unit. The ventilation systems are fitted with a highly efficient heat-recovery system.

Client: Municipality of Weeze
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